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Alim Kadimi, a french entrepreneur that makes women’s dresses flying in Dubai

Immortalize your vacations in Dubai through a photoshoot worthy of the most glamorous fashion magazines icons…that’s the service offered by Alim Kadimi for two years with Dubai Flying Dress. Meeting with this young French entrepreneur.

Who doesn’t remember this famous cliché of Marilyn Monroe, in the film The Seven Year Itch, with the pin-up standing in a white iconic dress flying above a subway gate? A photograph that has become cult since then, and that has never lost its glamour touch. That’s also an iconography that a French entrepreneur decided to bring into Emirati touristic photography

Since few months with Dubai Flying Dress, Alim Kadimi offers tourists, locals and influencers passing through Dubai, a photoshoot service in emblematic places of Dubai such as the desert dunes, the Burj Khalifa, the Marina skyscrapers or the Miracle Garden. With its iconic architecture and its blue sky all year round…it must be said that the city benefits from charming assets to pimple any instagrammer feed. Meeting.

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Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you were doing before you left for Dubai?

My name is Alim Kadimi, I am 39 years old and I was born in France in Haute Savoie. After graduating from business school, I worked as a salesman in the food industry for five years. Then, I decided to move to Dubai in order to work in another food company where I stayed for eight years

Why did you choose Dubai?

I wanted to go there because Dubai was and still is a booming country, where there is a really positive vibe that constantly pushes you to create, grow and move forward.

How did you get into photography?

While I was working in the food industry, I was cultivating a passion for photography at the same time. Two years ago, I decided to start my photography and videography business with fashion photography to start with, and then with tourist photography. My experience gave me the idea to create a photoshoot concept with flying dresses in iconic places in Dubai. 

Can you present Dubai Flying Dress and explain how it works?

The concept of Dubai flying dress is to photoshoot women with flying dresses in iconic places of the city. For that, you can just contact us on our instagram page or on whatsapp, choose among twelve different colors of dresses, two venues of Dubai. But we also offer them a variety of accessories to wear, such as traditional masks in jewelry.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who would like to start a business in Dubai?

I would tell him that everything is possible, that you just need to have the motivation, to think about your business plan but that once you get here, everything is done for you to be able to move forward and grow. Everyone has a chance.

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Publié le 4 June 2021