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3 Arab humanitarian organizations to discover

Today is World Humanitarian Aid Day. This is an opportunity to shed light on 3 organizations that are mobilizing to improve the daily lives of the most distressed populations.


KSRelief is a Saudi humanitarian organization. Launched in 2000, it is the initiative of more than a thousand projects with nearly 150 partners in more than 40 countries. 

The total investment is around 3.5 billion dollars… It develops and implements programs in many countries with populations in distress, such as former child soldiers in Yemen, whom it tries to rehabilitate by providing them with educational, psychological and social support. 



Dubai Cares

The Emirati organization, created in 2007 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to improve access to primary education in developing countries. It develops projects in 57 countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and many others) with local partners or United Nations agencies, with a focus on education. 

Over the past 10 years, various programs have contributed to improving the lives of more than 18 million beneficiaries. 


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We are very proud of the success of our first extended Summer Literacy Camp. After 4 weeks, the initiative witnessed a huge success rate as 98% of the students showed improvement. This would have not been possible without the unconditional dedication of our 200 volunteers and the generous contribution of UAE organizations. . . نحن فخورون جداً بنجاح أول دورة موسّعة من المخيم الصيفي التعليمي لهذا العام. بعد 4 أسابيع، شهدت المبادرة نسبة نجاح عالية، حيث أظهر أن 98% من الطلاب حققوا تحسناً. ما كان لنا أن نحقق هذا لولا التفاني الرائع الذي أبداه 200 متطوع والمساهمة السخية من المؤسسات الإماراتية

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RISE Egypt 

Support innovation to have an effective impact on society. This is essentially the premise of RISE, a non-governmental organization that activates a network of experts, investors, and researchers to accelerate entrepreneurship in Egypt. 

RISE Egypt is relying on the country’s driving forces to help its ecosystem of business start-ups and thus have a positive impact on the economy. The organization brings together startups and economic stakeholders to accelerate the development and implementation of projects. 


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Published on 19 August 2019


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