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3 start-ups from the Arab world to discover

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress has just ended in Riyadh. This annual event brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and politicians, as well as start-ups from 170 countries with innovative ideas to address the challenges of growing entrepreneurial ecosystems. Here are three start-ups presented by entrepreneurs from the Arab world.

1. Bosta – Egypt



Startup Bosta, whose CEO was present at GEC, has been offering an overnight delivery service for e-commerce companies since 2017. The company is revolutionizing the logistics industry by leveraging technology. It offers a digital window to ensure fast deliveries, enabling live order tracking. Bosta is among the big players in the Egyptian delivery market, with nearly 25,000 shipments per day from 25 hubs. The start-up is already planning to expand in the region and even more in Europe and South Africa.


2. WattNow – Tunisia

WattNow offers an intelligent IoT solution for energy management. It measures energy consumption, in real time, using connected meters, allowing the visualization of any activity on a Dashboard and a mobile application. The monitoring system identifies trends, sources of waste and anomalies.



WattNow started from a clear observation: in the world of industry, there are many opportunities for energy optimization and still too much waste. It seemed clear that technology could help reduce this costly expense economically and environmentally. Today, in commercial buildings, wasted energy rates are as high as 30%. The start-up is thus advocating energy conservation, a concern that is increasingly present in the policies of the Arab world.


3. Xina Ai – Jordan


Xina is the first interactive voice assistant adapted to all local Arabic dialects. The ANMO region has the particularity of using more than a hundred dialects, a problem for inter-cultural understanding. Xina Ai is the solution, delivered directly by a committee of representatives of the Arabic-speaking dialects. A great first! The start-up has opted for artificial intelligence technologies to automate customer service. Xina is designed to integrate with all digital and telecommunication channels, to provide customers with a first-class service 24/7.