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48 hours in Taghazout

Still need a break before going back to work? Still need a bit of sunshine before returning to the grey winter? For a weekend or a week, KAWA invites you to Taghazout, a Moroccan seaside resort that is on the rise. On the menu? All the keys to enjoy a typical village between surf and beach.

Never heard of this place? I promise, this fishing village will have everything to please you. Located on the Moroccan coast of the Atlantic Ocean and only 40 kilometres from Agadir, the small village of Taghazout (pronounced “Tarazout”) lives on summer time all winter long. Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or a sun cream and sunbathing enthusiast, at the end of this article, all you have to do is pack your bags. 

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Surfing world-class waves

In 2020 and for the first time, Taghazout Bay was one of the key stages of the World Surf League. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro to ride it! 

Hash Point or Banana Point for intermediate surfers, Killer Point or Boiler Point for experts… So many spots to allow all levels to enjoy the coast on both sides of the village. Moreover, at kilometre 14, Devil’s rock or the famous Devil’s rock is the ideal place for adventurous beginners! Here you can get your first wetsuit in the wake of Ramzi Boukhiam. It is in this place that the first Moroccan surfer, Ramzi Boukhiam, qualified for the Olympics, made his debut at the age of nine. 

A matter of pride, of course, since his giant portrait is displayed on a wall in the village.

Bask in the sun on thousands of golden beaches 

The Moroccan coast is impossible to get enough of! From Aourir, 12 kilometres to the south, to Tamri, 43 kilometres to the north, you can admire the countless cliffs that plunge into the ocean, the garlands of golden sand, and all the discreet coves set in the rock. 

Whether you are looking for privacy or a crowded and cheerful beach, there is something for everyone! While those who like to relax will opt for the long white sandy beaches, such as Imi Ouadar, nicknamed Paradis Plage by the locals, the adventurous will prefer to escape to Tamri beach, a tropical oasis where banana trees flourish. 

Getting lost in Paradise Valley 

It’s time to put on your walking shoes to discover one of the most beautiful places in the region, provided you leave the sometimes overcrowded classic paths behind and take an off-road route with a local guide.

After a few steep paths, it’s time to discover the grandiose western scenery, the ochre rock walls and, at the bottom, a river with palm oasis, irrigated gardens and clear water pools where you can stop to swim a few laps.

Go on a mini-safari in the Souss-Massa natural park

At the gates of Agadir is the Souss-Massa national park, a nugget for nature lovers.

Plan a day’s adventure to walk along the 30,000 hectares of coastal cliffs, coastal dunes and thorny steppes reminiscent of savannah landscapes. At its edge, two animal reserves, one of 2000 hectares, the other of 1200, have been created for the reintroduction of Saharan species. On foot or by 4×4, follow the circuit to discover all the mysteries. 

A guaranteed show! You can walk among red-necked ostriches, Dorcas gazelles, Addax antelopes and oryx, but also wild boars, hares and birds of prey. But the park is also a magnificent place for birdwatchers where more than 260 species of birds are found during the migratory cycles. 

Resting at the Moroccan pace 

We mentioned surfing above! Add to this sport, the relaxation of yoga and you will find the perfect combo to return from holiday zen and serene.

And Taghazout’s setting can only motivate you. In the early morning, rooftops and beaches are studded with multicoloured spots. You will quickly find the apprentices and master yogis doing a series of postures facing the immensity of the ocean. 

Vinyasa in energetic mode, nidra centred on relaxation or pranayama based on breathing, one can explore the frontiers of the discipline in solo but also in the courses given in the shalas which swarm on the roofs, on the edge of the beach or in the middle of nature in the hinterland between argan trees and banana plantations.

Convinced? All you have to do is buy your tickets!

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Published on 15 September 2021