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5 Arab artists or groups to follow in 2020

What better way to start this new year than with music? In order to have enough to keep you moving on music throughout 2020, KAWA offers you 5 artists or groups from the Arab world to discover or rediscover.

1 – Sobhhï

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A young R&B phenomenon based in Dubai, Sobhhï made his big debut in 2019. He mixes Arabic and English in a languorous style, with soul influences, on very modern instruments, almost like trap. He himself describes his music as “Soultrap Nocturne”. To be followed closely, as he is likely to make a lot of noise in 2020.

2 – Cairokee

The five Cairo musicians, independent symbols of the revolution, released their sixth studio album last year, still in their hyper-personal style. On “The Ugly Ducklings”, they mix rock with committed lyrics, with more and more electronic sounds, for a captivating musical experience.

3 – Shkoon

This German-Syrian trio of musicians, born of a chance meeting in Hamburg, export their sound with multiple influences all over the world, making them difficult to categorize. They produce a clever mix of electronic music and Arab sounds. Their latest album, “Rima”, is quite simply a delight.

4 – Galaxy juice

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The least that can be said of this group of four Kuwaitis, self-proclaimed “aliens who came to earth to save the human race”, is that it has its own identity, its own universe. Their futuristic music is vibrant, dreamy, lively and inspiring.

5 – Emel Mathlouthi

This Tunisian singer and guitarist with a magnificent voice already enjoys great fame, with a career spanning ten years. In 2019, the release of the song “Everywhere we looked was burning” clearly confirmed her talent on the international scene. She produces a unique mix of electronic music and North African-inspired sounds, and it works wonders!

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Published on 23 January 2020

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