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5 things to see in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia

Mogadishu, Somaila-April 29, 3013: Fishermen at the port of Mogadishun in Somalia.

Somalia is a land of many conflicts, famine and drought. It is not a popular tourist destination. Nevertheless, it is possible that you go there on a humanitarian trip. You will find Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, on the Indian Ocean. A city bordered by beautiful beaches, where some Italian and British colonial buildings remain. Here are 5 things to see in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

1 – The cathedral of Mogadishu

Built in 1928 by the Italian authorities, this cathedral in Gothic style consists of two steeples and three naves. A rather impressive structure that has witnessed a succession of unfortunate events. In 1989, a bishop was murdered here. Later, in 2008 part of the infrastructure was destroyed by Islamists. Rebuilt in 2013, this place of worship seems to have undergone other degradations… It remains a strong testimony of the tragic history of Somalia, and its capital Mogadishu.

2 – The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity

Built in 1987, the Islamic Solidarity Mosque is certainly the most emblematic religious building in Somalia. More than that, it is considered the largest mosque in the Horn of Africa. It was closed during the civil war, then reopened in 2006. Colossal, this place can accommodate up to 10 000 worshippers and offers a view of the Indian Ocean from its minaret.

3 – The beaches of Mogadishu

Did you know that Somalia’s beaches are among the longest in the world? In Mogadishu, the most famous are Lido Beach and Jazeera Beach. Wild, idyllic places, made of turquoise water and white sand. However, the fragile context of the country requires to remain vigilant.

4 – Brava, a coastal town south-east of Mogadishu

Further south of the capital, four hours away, is the port city of Brava. It is characterized by Arab architecture, as well as colonial style villas that line the beach. If Brava seems to be cut off from the misery that prevails in the rest of the country, it remains nevertheless the stronghold of pirates. So be careful.

5 – The Garden of Peace

In Mogadishu, the Peace Garden offers a truce to the inhabitants. With its palm trees and grass, the place looks like a regenerating oasis. The entrance, for which a fee is charged and which is secured, provides a reassuring setting for the Somalis who come to relax. One can drink tea or other typical drinks of the region. A stop here is a must if you are visiting the capital of Somalia.