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A miraculous kitten found in Dubai

A stray kitten was unfortunate enough to end up in tiger enclosure in Dubai. Princess Latifa, a great animal lover, shared on her instagram account the story of this miraculous little cat. 

When a small feline meets two big ones, playing games can often turn into drama. But luckily for this little stray cat, her misadventure has a happy ending. On her instagram account, Princess Latifa revealed the images of the chance encounter between this kitten and two big tigers



Wandering in the streets of Dubai, this little cat found himself in an enclosure of tigers who, amused by this new encounter, start playing with him. 

Far too small for his new friends, the cat quickly finds himself in a weak situation. Fortunately, the arrival of the guardians will allow him to get out of there alive and with no serious injury. 



Finally, this incident even allowed him to find a home filled with love and comfort, since Princess Latifa decided to adopt him. What better way for a stray cat to end up than in a royal palace?