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A Saudi woman takes up the bottle cap challenge in her own way

The bottle cap challenge – the challenge of removing the cap from a bottle with a flip-flop kick – has been emulated in Saudi Arabia where a local woman has proposed its own version of the challenge.

You’ve probably heard about it. Perhaps you have even tried it with varying degrees of success. It’s the bottle cap challenge, a new phenomenon on the web challenging people from all around the world to remove the cork from a bottle with a flipped kick.


For several days, thousands of Internet users, even celebs have been flooding social networks with choreographic prowess… and sometimes with a few failures.




A bottle cap challenge to archery


In Saudi Arabia, a young woman proposed her own version of the bottle cap challenge. Mashael al-Otaibi took up this challenge with archery and succeeded: the Saudi woman dislodged the cap of a plastic water bottle with an arrow shot from a distance of 20 meters.



And this wasn’t a trivial feat: Mashael is actually a Saudi Arabian archery champion. This sports educator for children, a keen archery enthusiast from a very young age, hoped to popularize her discipline on the Saudi web, as she admits to Al Arabiya. Her prowess did not go unnoticed.


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Published on 10 July 2019


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