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Abby & Mary, guests of honour in Abu Dhabi

Since last year, the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi has been offering a new experience, inspired by an initiative that came straight from Kenya: a cave specially built to house giraffes and where tourists and locals can eat with the largest land animals.

You’ve never heard of the famous giraffe mansion in Kenya? Since last year, Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi has become the second place in the world to offer this unique experience: a one-on-one dinner with giraffes in a cave specially built to accommodate these long-necked animals.

Every day, Abby and Mary, the two resident giraffes of the zoo, welcome six guests for breakfast or dinner for a total amount of 250 dirhams. On the menu for these quadruped hosts: apples, lettuce, cucumber, and soya.


The MENA region organizes itself for the protection of animals

Known for its many exotic animals, the MENA region has put in place several means in recent years to protect them, such as the endangered Arabian leopards, on the brink of extinction, or the turtles of the Emirates, facing polluted oceans.

The creation of global funds focused on the protection and improvement of wild populations, captive breeding programs, international collaborations and the creation of nature reserves have all been created over the past five years. A policy that sometimes allows you to share special moments with rare mammals…  

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Published on 7 August 2019