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Abdulaziz Albassam : “We build a bridge between the MENA region and the US”

After graduating at Harvard Business School, Abdulaziz Albassam founded the start-up Oasis Capital to bring technology in all MENA region : “It is my turn to return my privileges to my community and my region”.

What is the role of Saudi youth in the society ?

Abdulaziz Albassam : I just graduated from Harvard Business School where I did my MBA. After graduating I’m working on my own start-up. I truly believe that the youth of our generation has a mission of making the difference wherever they are in the world.

What’s the place of technology in the Saudi society ?

Abdulaziz Albassam : I remember in my lifetime how a lot of things used to take long queues to go to the bank, pay the bills, even do the simplest things that the government requests. Now all of that can be done from my home, on my desktop or from my iPad. Essentially it’s lowering costs, boosting productivity and saving people a lot of time.

Your start-up is based between Saudi Arabia and US.

Abdulaziz Albassam : What we would like to do is basically build a bridge between the MENA region and the US, whereby we would be able to raise capitals in the MENA region and invest in the US in a early stage companies. (…) I think of myself as a human capital bridge between this part of the world and  the Western part of the world.