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Abdullah Aloloait: “The food truck industry is booming in Riyad!”

During Dirab Park festival, KAWA discovered a new face of the Saudi street food industry : the food trucks. Abdullah Aloloait, owner of a food truck business, is one those “mobile” entrepreneurs who are benefiting from this new rising business in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is changing a lot. How does it impact your work?

So my name’s Abdullah Aloloait and I just started my food truckfoodtruck business as we can see here, it’s Khodlak Laffah. 

Actually the food truck industry is booming in Riyadh and in Saudi Arabia as a whole. The business has started 2 years ago and the trend is it’s becoming now very popular, especially for small entrepreneurs and young Saudis who start with limited funds.

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What kind of food do you prepare and how do you choose it?

What I do, basically, is a fusion menu. We use Arabic bread and we modernize it with the new dishes like steak, chicken, burger, and pizza. As well as some other traditional ones. It is all homemade, with our and own recipes. We have a very special order, which is the fried halloumi fried. Yes, wWe fry fried the halloumi! And we have for sure, our special desserts: with KitKat and Nutella. So basically, it’s a fusion menu. And the idea is to redefine the Arabic menu with the American style.

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Where do you work in Riyad, are there special events?

So basically, the business of food truck industry here in Riyadh, works around with 3 three elements: private parties or private invitations, events like tonight’s (Dirab Park) and corporate events: companies invite you to come and this is a form of promotion which reaches their employees etc. So basically these are the three 3 elements we work under, in the food truck industry.

Published on 17 February 2018