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Abou Leila, Algerian cinema has a bright future ahead of it

At the moment in French cinemas, moviegoers have the opportunity to go see Abou Leila. The story of a hunt with a dark and paranoid atmosphere, the film is signed Amin Sidi Boumédiène, a first for the young 38-year-old director.

The next generation of Algerian cinema? It is perhaps not too early to say so, if we consider the reception the film received at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the last to be held in physical version, where it was on the program of the Critics’ Week.

An Algerian feature film directed by Amin Sidi-Boumédiène, of which this is the first film, it is a psychological thriller whose action takes place mostly against the backdrop of the Sahara desert.


In watermark, Algeria’s darkest hours.

Thus, the film features Lofti, played by Lyes Salem, who is no longer shown, supported by an acolyte whose name is unknown, played on screen by Slimane Benouari. The two protagonists engage in a dark and paranoid stalking, a quest for vengeance embellished with nightmarish, almost hallucinatory visions of the second character, which gives a dreamlike dimension to the rendering. All with a single goal in mind, vague and nebulous: Abou Leila.


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Published on 9 September 2020