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Aljada: The UAE’s latest residential megaproject

Megaprojects abound in the United Arab Emirates. The latest is Aljada, a vast development project in Sharjah, which promises to be a harbinger of urban transformation for the entire country.

The project is set to encompass an expanse of 2.2 square kilometers proximate to the emirate’s airport, universities, and the E311 motorway. Despite the fact that the project stands at a completion rate of 30 percent, its magnitude and scope are exerting an impact on Sharjah’s landscape.

Within its contours, a quartet of hotels, three educational institutions, a business precinct, a shopping emporium, boulevards, and an entertainment enclave take shape, masterminded by the architects at Zaha Hadid Architects. Of note is the reality that Aljada is not merely evolving as a residential complex; rather, it is evolving into a destination in its own right.


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Success despite uncertain beginnings

Initiated in 2018, Aljada’s progress has persevered through challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, the inaugural phase of its Madar entertainment complex saw daylight, featuring a skatepark and dining options. Despite the obstacles wrought by the pandemic, Aljada managed to welcome over a million visitors in its maiden year. By early 2021, its initial residents had already commenced their occupancy.

“When you drive to Aljada, you can see parks, gyms, pools, open cinemas, jogging tracks, shops, restaurants – everything you would require whether you live here or visit,” explains Maher Metraji to The National.

“In Sharjah there is no business district,” he added. “This is where we find it very interesting to develop such a product and introduce it to the market. And we are sure this will contribute to the business success of Arada and Sharjah.”

While automobiles dominate as the primary mode of ingress, the project’s trajectory envisions the integration of public transportation through buses. The culmination of Aljada’s odyssey is anticipated to materialize by 2028, a juncture at which this community will accommodate an estimated 75,000 residents.

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Published on 4 August 2023

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