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Amr Diab becomes the first Arab artist to be posted on Times Square

The Egyptian actor, singer and composer, very popular in his native country as well as throughout the Arab world, appears alone on an advertising poster located on the iconic Times Square in New York City. A first...

The Spotify music streaming brand is at the origin of the approach, which aims to promote music and culture from the Middle East and North Africa.

“Today we celebrate Amr Diab, and we are proud to see him shine – literally – on the world stage”
Claudius Boller, Managing Director of Spotify Middle East and Africa.

Popular in the West

The presence – of an inordinate size – of Amr Diab on the iconic New York Square is not insignificant. According to statistics released by the Swedish music giant, the Egyptian singer achieves his best listening scores in the USA, closely followed by Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.