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Art Dubai 2022: its 4 sections cover innovation and tradition

For its 15th edition, Art Dubai 2022 opens the doors to its largest edition to date. The annual event features more than 100 contemporary and modern galleries from over 40 countries from all continents, ensuring a variety of cultural and geographical worlds on a thematic spectrum across time.

Art Dubai 2022 aims to showcase art that is representative of the world’s cultures. Indeed, 50% of the program comes from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. The exhibition is divided into four main sections: contemporary, modern, Bawwaba and, in a new way, Art Dubai Digital, dedicated to digital art and NFT. Quick tour of the must-sees:

1. Art Dubai Digital

For its first edition, Art Dubai Digital brings together the digital world and art and exposes it to the general public. Crypto-currencies and NFTs will take up a considerable amount of space in the 17 galleries in this sector. 15 artworks from the collection around the theme of innovation will be sold in crypto-currency on the Bybit platform. As a bonus, the ‘This is the Picture’ program will explore the concept of digital art over four days around lectures open to all.

2. Contemporary

Art Dubai Contemporary exhibits 33 countries with strong representation from Africa and South Asia. The 2022 edition highlights its taste for artistic diversity and its aspiration to highlight underrepresented artists, alongside works from international galleries.


3. Modern

Under the title “The Soul of Progress”, the Modern section presents works from the Arab world, Iran and South Asia. It covers a wide range of artistic practices and techniques from the 1930s to the 1970s, including paintings, tapestries and sculptures.


4. Bawwaba

Bawwaba – the “gateway” – exhibits works specifically designed for the event. Ten artists from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru, Angola, Nigeria and Chile focus on the theme of “break” in art. Bawwaba synthesizes the main idea of Art Dubai 2022: artistic quality and geographical expression!