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Art to save children

Setting up collaborations to help vulnerable children through their own drawings is the basic idea of the Egyptian startup The Doodle Factory. She applies children’s drawings to decorate common products such as bags or kits, and the proceeds from sales are used to help populations identified as vulnerable by NGO partners.

Founders Yasmin Khamis, 27, and Farah El-Masry, 26, have both worked with NGOs in the past. Today, as the head of their social start-up, they offer everyday life products to a clientele of women between the ages of 18 and 35, which they sell approximately 20,000 units per year. A great volume of activity for the company born in 2017


With their network of NGO partners, they provide people in difficulty with basic necessities: medical or educational help, or even shelter. 

Creativity at the service of communities

For the creation of the works of young artists, the start-up simply organizes sessions in schools or hospitals and lets children express their creativity. 


The drawings are then transformed into “designs” to be applied to collections, and each collection has a concrete objective: bringing clean water to homes, paying for surgery, or building a school are some of them. Thus, the children’s drawings reflect on their entire community. A refreshing initiative! 

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Published on 23 September 2019