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Ayman Barnawi : “Saudi Arabia is an open country”

Kawa News’ team got the chance to enjoy a giant festival, near Riyad last November. House of Neon is a big entertainment event where almost 45 singers performed live on the main stage in the middle of the Saudi desert. There, we met the manager of the event, Ayman Barnawi.

KAWA : Can you tell us who you are and what is Master Events?

Ayman Barnawi: ‘We did this project for the Saudi Arabian community and it is part of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman vision 2030. And one of its main goals is the set-up of an entertainment and happy life for the Kingdom and the people.

Can you tell us what happens here?

So today’s event is a new theme that we’re presenting to the Saudi Arabian community. It’s called House of Neon. The theme is based on black lights and neon lights. So we got a lot of stuff lined up for the night. It is for 4 days in a row. We have a big stage where almost 45 singers will perform. The artists are divided into rap songs, slow songs, country music. And we have a lot of games: interactive games for adults, and for children.

We also have food cars and a lot of booths that sell merchandise and a lot of fashion wear.
And yeah we have a lot of sponsors and we hope everybody will have a great time!

Since when all this is possible?

Saudi Arabia is an open country. We welcome any religion and any nationality. Everybody is welcome here! I think that 5 years ago, everything was changing and opening-up for the Saudi community.

And I think this is a good way to meet one of the goals of vision 2030. One of the goal is to create a good entertaining life with a lot of events and competitions, and a lot of stuff for people to come and have fun. In the future, I think most of the population won’t think of traveling outside if they can have everything they want here.

Do you have a message regarding Saudi Arabia for people in France and in Europe?

You’re here, and you see how peaceful it is, you see how welcoming we are! We love France, we always come to France and you can see us in France… Saudi Arabia is an open country, you can come anytime you want: to have fun, to see the culture and to interact with people. Yeah, come over, you are most welcome!