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Badr Hari offers Will Smith an MMA fight!

Offended by the violent slap given to Chris Rock by Will Smith, Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari has just invited the American actor to an MMA fight via social media.

“Violence must remain in the ring”. Such was the introduction of the message sent by Badr Hari, Moroccan fighter legend (122 fights, 106 victories, including 92 by KO), to Will Smith. The reason is obviously none other than the unfortunate episode of last weekend, which saw the interpreter of Ali in the cinema go on stage during the Oscars ceremony, to deliver a violent slap in the face of the comedian Chris Rock, who presented the award. The latter had allowed himself a joke on the hair of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s long-time partner, suffering from alopecia. A joke that was not to the taste of the actor.



Outraged by this gesture, as well as by the standing ovation received by Will Smith, who was awarded an Oscar a few minutes later for his role in The Williams Method, Badr Hari decided to take matters into his own hands, and to wash away the affront made to Chris Rock, by offering Will Smith a regular fight, in the cage reserved for MMA fighters. “If you want to make the muscles talk, I’m your man. We’ll see if, after the fight, you find your sense of humor”. The actor has not yet reacted but sources close to his entourage revealed that he could well take Hari at his word and go through with the fight… Until we know for sure, the KAWA team wishes everyone a good April fools day!