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Beirut Museum of Art boosts the country’s cultural life

After many difficulties and delays, the foundation stone of the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) has just been laid, an event that symbolizes the city’s desire to reinvest in its culture. Find out what to expect when the museum opens in 2026.

Plans for the BeMA were born thanks to the nonprofit organization of the same name. Founded in 2017 by Sandra Abou Nader and Rita Nammour, the organization dedicated to civil society is involved in multiple projects for the enhancement of social freedoms and the preservation of Lebanese cultural heritage. As such, the Beirut Museum of Art wishes to encourage a new generation of artists in favor of tolerance, peace and creativity.

A first stone to the symbolic building

The building should be completed and accessible to the public by 2026. The commitment to this project, which has been in the making for over seven years, is proof of the enthusiasm it inspires. Despite the many crises encountered in its financing and construction, related to the different crises the country has been undergoing for several months, the museum has become a symbol of resilience and optimism. The city of Beirut believes in reviving efforts to promote its cultural heritage.


The new museum will be located near the National Museum of Beirut, on the site of the “green line” that once divided the city during the Lebanese civil war. The museum will focus on raising awareness of its national history and fostering a sense of inclusiveness, recalling that no less than 18 communities cohabit the country’s territory. Moreover, the BeMA was entirely financed by private donations, a symbol of real citizen mobilization.

An educational and artistic museum

In addition to spaces dedicated to education and conservation, the museum will include a rooftop garden that will also serve as a large playground for children. The space reserved for temporary exhibitions will occasionally be used for performances and events. The museum promises to play a role as a revitalizing cultural center, to entertain and educate the residents and visitors of Beirut.

”Art is a vehicle for peace. It is a platform around which all people can gather, regardless of their community or background.”

Sandra Abou Nader.

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Published on 7 April 2022