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Beyoncé salutes Arab designers in his latest video

While Beyoncé’s new album “The Lion King: The Gift” was released on July 19, the African-American star paid tribute, in the video clip of his song “Spirit”, to Arab creators by choosing to wear an outfit created by Lebanese American designer Norma Kamali.

On the occasion of the release of the film “The Lion King”, the Afro-American star Beyoncé unveiled a new album entitled “The Lion King: The Gift”, composed of 27 titles including “Spirit” which, through his video, pays tribute to Arab fashion designers.

In this music video taking place in the desert, Beyoncé and her dancers wear bright yellow stretch dresses, designed and personalized by Lebanese American designer Norma Kamali, who hastened to thank the singer on social networks for her confidence.


Beyoncé and Arab designers, a long history

In recent years, many Arab designers have dressed stars for prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Golden Globes. At the Wearable Art Gala in Santa Monica last month, Beyoncé had already made the choice to wear the lionesque creation of Georges Hobeika, a Lebanese designer.


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Published on 23 July 2019



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