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“Bring Back Beirut”, the project of a Palestinian DJ to help Lebanon

With all the turmoil that Lebanese society has been going through for over two years, DJ Sama Abdulhadi has decided to get involved to support the country and its people. With her project "Bring Back Beirut", Abdulhadi relies on new means that combine music and concrete help to the country where she grew up: the musical NFT.

For the past two years, many artistic and committed initiatives have been initiated by Lebanese, in Lebanon and abroad, to help the country of the Cedars, which was devastated by the tragic explosion of August 4, 2020.

This time, the famous Beirut-born DJ Sama Abdulhadi decided to organize a party in the heart of Paris, in order to raise awareness among the Lebanese diaspora, but not only, about the tragic fate of their country of origin. 


On March 10, the artist had already donated all the profits generated by her evening in the nightclub Le Sacré to the humanitarian organization Nusaned, in Lebanon. 

She then performed in London, Berlin, and other European capitals, always with the same objective: to attract as many people as possible, to raise awareness about the fate of the Lebanese, but especially to collect the profits from the entrance tickets, and to donate them to Nusaned.


NFTs, a solution to the crisis in Lebanon? 

Sama Abdulhadi does not stop there. The Palestinian artist associated her project “Bring Back Beirut” to the NFT platform Bolero, which allows to raise funds in a secure way, bypassing the Lebanese banking system on the verge of collapse, while leaving the artists the intellectual property rights on their music. 

For Alain Zovighian, Head of Music at Bolero, the use of NFTs is the only solution to help the Lebanese face the crisis they are experiencing.

 “Today, Lebanese citizens can neither access their savings nor freely spend the money they earn. On top of that, the population has to face an exorbitant inflation, since the prices of food products have increased fivefold in the space of two years.”
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And to do so, Sama Abdulhadi intends to make a remix of these “Bring Back Beirut” parties available within a few weeks as NFT, in order to continue to raise funds for charities in the country of the Cedar, but also to push other Lebanese artists to go through this funding system, in order to emancipate themselves from the many restrictions that affect the art and music scene in Lebanon, starting with the many power cuts, which make it almost impossible to hold concerts. 

An innovative, artistic and charitable project, which illustrates the interest of NFTs for humanitarian causes.