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Camille Chevalier: “In the Middle East, the courses are spectacular!”

Camille Chevalier is a young French golfer, originally from Aix-en-Provence, who plays on the Ladies European Tour. In 2017, on her debut, she won the Hero Women's Indian Open and was named Rookie of the Year, finishing at 10ᵉ. In KAWA, she has agreed to play the game of question and answer... with a timer! After all, she is an athlete!

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Camille Chevalier, I play on the Ladies European Tour, and I’m from Aix-en-Provence, France.

How did you become a golfer?

I studied in America, at the university, at Indiana University, and there I played on the golf team. Playing in such good conditions really helped me to raise my level of play. And after that, I decided to take the adventure and go pro.

3 things to say about golf in the Middle East?

I like to play in the Middle East. First of all, I would say that there are more and more opportunities to play there. We’ve been going there for several years now to play in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Jordan. Then it’s very pleasant because the courses are quite spectacular, in the desert, it’s beautiful, and something you don’t see often. Finally, the tournaments are always very well organized. We are often very well received there. It is like a festive atmosphere, it is really very nice.

What about Saudi Arabia?

It’s the first time we’re going to play in Saudi Arabia, so I don’t know what to expect. The course is brand new it seems, and it looks very nice, so I’m happy to go there and take the opportunity to play in a country I don’t know at all. Also, it’s really great for the country that a social change is starting to develop, and if you can contribute to that by coming to play, I think that’s great.

Your best memory in the region?

It’s often a real eye-opener. The Middle East thinks big and sees bigger. I’m thinking in particular of the huge shopping malls in the emirates, including the one with its own ski slope. It’s impressive. But in Jordan, we had a Ladies European Tour tournament last year, and clearly, Jordan remains my fondest memory. It was my favorite destination because I went to Petra and enjoyed it a lot.