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Cannes: Arab directors to watch at the festival

It’s official! The Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from July 6 to 17, has finally unveiled the list of films that will be part of the official selection of this 74th edition. Kawa lists the Arab directors who will proudly present their masterpieces of the 7th art! Something to make movie lovers from all over the world drool.

We finally know the list of films in competition for one of the most prestigious festivals in the world of cinema! It was announced this Thursday, June 3, during a press conference. A very international selection of 24 films among which we will proudly find 3 Arab directors involved to honor the 7th Eastern art

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A Hero, by Ashgar Farhadi

Its release date is not yet known and yet, this film is already echoing with all the film lovers!

After Everybody Knows, his film with Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem that opened the Cannes Film Festival three years ago, the Iranian writer and director Asghar Farhadi is back. 

In his new feature film, he tells the story of Rahim, a man in prison because of a debt he could not repay. During a leave of absence, he tries to convince his creditor to withdraw the complaint, but things do not go as planned. 

Ha’Berech by Nadav Lapid

This is already the fourth feature film by this Israeli director, a member of the Critic’s Week jury at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

This film, translated as Ahed’s Knee, will trace the trajectory of a filmmaker, alone in the desert, who throws himself into two doomed battles: one against the death of freedom in his country, the other against the death of his mother.

As the official release date has not yet been set, we will have to be a little more patient to discover this rather dark and personal film.

High and Loud by Nabil Ayouch

After God’s horses  selected in the category , Much Loved in the Directors’ Fortnight in 2015, and Adam in 2019, Nabil Ayouch, the Franco-Moroccan director, will have another chance to leave with an award from the Croisette

This time, he returns with High and Loud, a film that tells the story of a former rapper hired in a cultural center in a working-class neighborhood of Casablanca. Encouraged by their new teacher, the young people will try to free themselves from the weight of certain traditions to live their passion and express themselves through hip hop culture.

The complete program to discover here  

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Published on 4 June 2021