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Careem: 100k new jobs for women in Saudi Arabia

Women will start driving in Saudi Arabia, en masse and soon! This has led Careem—the Middle East’s response to Uber—to announce 100,000 new jobs within the Kingdom, dedicated to women.

Careem dethroned Uber in the MENA region, shortly following the start up’s creation. Investments in 2017, made by luxury car giant Daimler AG and Saudi Prince Alwaleed, amounted to $500 million in the firm.

The announcement made on Tuesday, September 26 via Royal Decree refers to the positive impacts of this legal adjustment on the condition of women, and the economy of the Kingdom by extension. This has spurred a chain reaction of positive news, as Careem’s Twitter account in KSA announced the creation of up to 100,000 jobs for women.

Careem stands out in the MENA for its understanding of the local market. It already features female-driven cars in MENA, and has previously stressed the importance of hiring women as drivers and in its offices as it tweaks its own policies for women in the region.

Published on 3 October 2017