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Comoros: 5 breathtaking landscapes

The islands of Comoros are still a discreet touristic palace for foreigners, who usually prefer the island of Madagascar in the region. Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel, the archipelago nevertheless promises wonders and wildlife. It includes four main islands: Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli and Mayotte. These territories are home to breathtaking landscapes. Here are 5 must-sees during a stay in the Comoros.

1 – The Karthala volcano on the island of Grande Comore

To climb one of the largest craters in the world, go to the island of Grande Comore. The latter, with an area of 1148 m², is famous for its volcano Mount Karthala. Some advice for the adventurers, the ascent is done with the help of a guide and requires good physical abilities! While climbing, you will cross a forest rich in biodiversity, but also more arid corners. At the top, the beauty of nature is finally revealed. A breathtaking spectacle. Breathe, and enjoy!


2 – The back of the dragon on the hills of the north of the Comoros



In the very north of Grande Comore island, in the small village of Ivoini, you will find the Dragon’s Rock. A rock formation resembling the points of a dragon’s back, hence its name. Easier to access, the climb here takes only 10 minutes, and the view is no less extraordinary. Immersed in the Comorian pampa, in company of some cows, you are facing the immensity of the Indian Ocean. A breathtaking landscape of the Comoros. 


3 – The exceptional water spots of Anjouan


What if after the island of Grande Comore, you made a stop on the island of Anjouan? If this one is less wild than its neighbor, it offers more varied landscapes. Special mention for its spectacular water spots, such as the Tatinga waterfalls, as well as the majestic lakes of Dzialaoutsounga and Dzianlandzé stretching on the slopes of Mount Ntingui at an altitude of almost 1600 meters. Highest point of the island of Anjouan!


4 – Moheli, ancient and small island of the Comoros archipelago



If you have the opportunity, continue your stay in Comoros on the island of Moheli. This very small island is also the oldest, because of its geological formation. It is home to a Marine Park, whose objective is to preserve biodiversity and marine resources. Its waters are, indeed, populated by dolphins, rays, sharks and giant turtles. On Itsamia beach, the latter offer a memorable scene to patient and discreet visitors: the laying of their eggs. It is magical!


5 – The island of Petite-Terre in Mayotte


Finally, to end your trip in the Comoros, why not go to Mayotte? This French overseas department is famous for its turquoise lagoons, its white sandy beaches and its plantations of ylang-ylang with its intoxicating perfume. Mayotte is composed of two islands: Grande-Terre and Petite-Terre. From the capital Mamoudzou, reach Petite-Terre by barge. The island is suitable for beautiful walks, between beautiful beaches (Moya and Papani) and volcanic landscapes, including the famous Dziani lake. 

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Published on 17 November 2021