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Coronavirus: 5 places in the Arab world as you’ve never seen them before!

As the pandemic of the coronavirus, or COVID19, turns nations upside down, we are witnessing some unusual, if not out of the ordinary, sights. Here are 5 emblematic places of the Arab world, captured in states you have likely never seen before.

1 – The Great Mosque of Mecca

The ‘holy of holies’ of Islam, a place of pilgrimage for millions of worshippers throughout the world, is currently completely empty. Access is prohibited in efforts to contain the spread of COVID 19. On the brighter side, it is a rare opportunity to clean it from top to bottom! 


2 – The streets of Dubai

Usually a bustling city, Dubai is now making waves throughout social media due to the overwhelming calm reigning in its streets. With or without containment measures, caution and safety preside in the emirate, where residents have already begun to restrict their movements. 



3 – Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Islam’s third holiest place, following Mecca and Medina, sure is empty. If the weekly prayers are still in order, there are certainly no crowds of either tourists of believers on the premises, as documented by this young visitor’s photo. 


4- Le Grand Prix de Bahreïn 

Véritable institution du sport automobile, le Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Bahreïn, aura lieu dans deux semaines à huis clos, à l’instar de bon nombre d’événements sportifs à travers le monde en ce moment (une vision à laquelle la plupart des fans peinent encore à s’habituer. Le huis clos sera maintenu des essais à la course, en passant par les qualifications. C’est une grande première dans le monde de la Formule 1. 


4- The Bahrain Grand Prix 

The Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix happening in two weeks’ time will be closed to the public. Currently mirroring the organizational changes of sporting events around the world at the moment. The adjustment is one that fans are still struggling to get used to. The closed-door policy will stand firm from the trials, to the qualifying rounds, all the way until the highly-anticipated race. This is a first in the world of Formula 1. 



5 – The Dubai airport is deserted

Leading the ranks for places most impacted by the new virus containment measures, airports, usually swarming with people, are completely shaken up by the pandemic. In this video, a tweeter wanders through an empty Dubai airport, now resembling a “ghost town”…