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Happy Saudi National Day
Happy Saudi National Day




Dhofar, a paradise between desert and sea

Turquoise waters, furrowed by the triangular sails of the dhows on which Sinbad the sailor made his raids. This is Dhofar region, Oman.

Kilometres of golden beaches where the only footprints are those of dromedaries. Traces of ancient ports that evoke the legend of the Queen of Sheba. But also dunes combed by the wind and, everywhere, the scent of incense.Welcome to Dhofar, the paradise in the south of Oman.

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Dhofar, home to a World Heritage Site

Having always been a crossroads for ships and caravans, it is a paradise to be discovered now, before the numbers of a tourism that is about to challenge the supremacy of Dubai rise again, as shown by the data on Italian visitors to the sultanate, which grew by 35.6 per cent in 2017 alone.

This is thanks to precious archaeological vestiges, protected by Unesco (the last one, the ancient city of Qalhat, became a World Heritage Site a few weeks ago), an ideal climate, and nature blessed by the khareef, the monsoon that skims the mountains and quenches the earth with its rains, renewing the miracle that transforms the ochre-coloured valleys into a fertile green expanse every summer.

Published on 22 September 2022