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Alula, fresh

In these times of ecological awareness and the supremacy of "eating well", what better way to start the day than to go out and pick your own breakfast. Here, organic is elevated to the rank of an art of living, without the degree of obsession that accompanies it in an urban environment. Simply because it's the natural course of things.

Located just at the foot of the mountain, the AlUla Fresh “farm” is a fruit tree plantation in which the smells of citrus fruit mingle with the songs of the birds, so that even the less early-morning ones find pleasure in wandering through the alleys filling their baskets.

Invited at the end of the road to taste the juice from the very fruits we picked, in this case, a mixture of orange, apple, and pomegranate, we cannot help but feel the urge to make this experience a daily ritual.

A DIY temple

As an echo to the ancestral know-how of the local populations (here, agriculture), the visit continues in the shade of a small earthen structure. With two experts, we learn how to weave wool or wicker to make coasters, decorations, and other baskets or trays.

The final touch of this “Do It Yourself” workshop will be the invitation, by our guide, to plant our own vegetables in small dedicated plots. We choose between tomato and spinach seeds that we will bury next to stakes bearing our surnames, hoping to find them again the next time we visit and … well, literally reap what we have sown.