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Dubai Expo to go dark for an hour in support of the environment

On March 26, starting at 8:30 p.m., 60 pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020 will go dark for one hour for the Earth Hour Switch Off Parade to raise awareness about climate change and declining biodiversity.

The regional foundation Emirates Nature-WWF (World Wildlife Fund) invites the Dubai Expo audience to a special parade. The Earth Hour, a global movement instituted by WWF International since 2007, foresees the total extinction of electricity for one hour. Every minute, a pavilion at the World Expo will turn off its lights, starting with the Peruvian pavilion and ending with the United Kingdom pavilion.


Ethics in innovation

A total of 5 million people are expected to attend the event. The parade of pavilions will be accompanied by a Dubai Police Band, followed by members of the Emirates Nature-WWF Leaders of Change program.

The procession will be based on the theme of ethics in innovation. Indeed, the Expo has emphasized the Emirates’ commitment to sustainable development, in which technology has a positive impact on nature. Expo Dubai is intended to be an emblem of progress for the environment.

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Published on 25 March 2022


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