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Dubai: the highest tennis court in the world

The French Open has just ended, but don't worry, we're on our way to one of the most unusual tennis courts in the world, the Burj al Arab.

The United Arab Emirates are well known for their breathtaking buildings and hyper-modern designs. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel was already among the tallest buildings in the world, reaching 321 meters high. But it is the tennis court that has been installed there that breaks records!



From the helicopter runway to the tennis court

Perched more than 200 meters high, the playing field was once a helicopter runway, transformed for a competition organized in Dubai in 2005. Although this unusual idea makes the court unique, the court is not very playable. There is no seating for visitors and no protective barriers. Roger Federer and Andre Agassi exchanged a few serves on the court during the year of the tournament, taking care to keep the ball between the lines!