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Egypt: five pharaonic tombs discovered at Saqqara

In Egypt, the hunt for treasures turns out to be endless. Egyptian archaeologists have just announced the discovery of five sarcophagi over 4000 years old "in good condition and erected for high officials" of ancient Egypt!

Saqqara, capital of the Old Kingdom of the Pharaohs and today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reveals a little more of its secrets with this discovery that will remain engraved in the archives. In an official statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities identified the remains as figures responsible for the beauty of the king or the stewardship of the royal house.

The excavations also unearthed colorful decorations depicting funerary scenes, including offering tables, the traditional seven oils of commemoration and a piece of a palace facade.


Saqqara, tomb of Egyptian history

The incredible discoveries follow one another and Egypt hopes to revive its tourism in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Already in January 2021, about fifty sarcophaguses old of more than 3000 years, assured the country to rewrite its history and to fill its missing passages. A little more than 15 kilometers from the famous pyramids of Giza, Saqqara regains consideration.

The Egyptian authorities plan to inaugurate soon the Great Egyptian Museum, near the Giza plateau, including the exhibition of the most recent discoveries. The tourism sector, which employs nearly 2 million people and generates more than 10% of the GDP, continues to capitalize on the country’s incredible heritage.