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Egypt inaugurates a new port for yachts

No more mooring your yacht anywhere on the Egyptian coast. A few days ago, the famous company Emaar Msir inaugurated the first international yacht harbour Marassi Marina and Yacht Club in the northern coastal region of Egypt, along the Mediterranean Sea.

The project, which has been under consideration for a number of years and is part of the Egyptian government’s development plans, is the company’s latest addition to the region to attract yacht tourism to Egypt. “We are proud of the opening of the first international marina in northern Egypt. It will put the coast on the map for yachting tourism worldwide” said Mohamed Alabbar, managing director of Emaar Properties.

Beyond the development of tourism in the region, this new port will also allow, and very quickly, an increase in employment since more than 180 000 people will be employed in the yachting services sector

Finally, this installation also wants to take up a more international challenge: to attract more investments in “this marvellous region of the North of Egypt“.