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Saudi Arabia bets on the English language

Abdulrahman Obaid Al-Youbi, President of King Abdul Aziz University (URA), announced on Wednesday January 29, 2020 the establishment of the Saudi Association for English Language Education.

The organization, which will be based at  URA in Jeddah, is the first of this kind in Saudi Arabia. It will act as a reference for the Kingdom’s 30,000 English teachers by offering them a wide range of training courses, events and school visits. It will also provide advice and suggestions to the Ministry of Education to help evolve the programs.

The announcement was made at the Saudi International English Language Teaching (ELT) Conference & Expo.In this occasion, 100 English teachers from the region met to discuss and reflect on issues as broad as institutional management, pedagogical approaches, student psychology, technology, assessment and curriculum, and the potential of the local ELT market. At the same time, the event welcomed a delegation of officials from Microsoft and several English universities, including Cambridge and Oxford.

The URA’s English Language Institute also took the opportunity to sign an agreements with four public universities to improve the teaching of English in the Kingdom.


Published on 31 January 2020

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