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Farrah El Dibany, the Egyptian singer who sang the Marseillaise

Photo by Ludovic MARIN / AFP

After his re-election to the presidency of the French Republic on April 24, Emmanuel Macron welcomed on stage the Egyptian singer Farrah El Dibany to sing the national anthem at the Champ de Mars, to celebrate his new mandate. An exceptional performance that moved the entire audience. But who is this singer of the Paris Opera?

In her long red dress, the young opera singer of 33 years made a sensation this Sunday evening. Originally from Egypt, more precisely from Alexandria, Farrah El Dibany has already a long career behind her. In 2005, she joined the Arts Center of the Library of Alexandria for five years before flying to Germany, where she entered the Hanns-Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. Master of Arts in Berlin in 2014, the mezzo-soprano was noticed for her interpretation in the adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen, from which she got her nickname the “Egyptian Carmen”.


An ambassador of the Arab world and Egypt

Finally in 2016, the singer became the first Egyptian and Arab opera woman at the prestigious Academy of the Paris Opera but also the first of her country to receive the award of the Association for the Radiation of the Paris National Opera. Today, the singer is an ambassador for the Arab world by performing for cultural causes. Farrah El Dibany has, for example, already performed for the Arab World Institute in Paris, on the occasion of the exhibition Divas, from Oum Kalthoum to Dalida, which was held in 2021 and during the 75th anniversary of UNESCO.

On April 24, she was revealed to the eyes of the French by singing the Marseillaise.