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Fashion Trust Arabia Award: Saudi sisters Siham and Sarah Albinali nominated

It was in 2018 that Saudi sisters Siham and Sarah Albinali created “Lurline.” A responsible, feminine, and bold fashion brand with a gothic influence. It then becomes known in 2020, when the designers made runner-up in the Vogue Fashion Prize – a program to give visibility to emerging designers. Since then, everything seems to be going well for the two sisters, as they are among the finalists of the Fashion Trust Arabia award since July 11.

Designers selected in the “Ready-to-wear” category

Through the creation of this award, the non-profit organization Fashion Trust Arabia aims to financially support young fashion designers in the Middle East and North Africa regions. On July 11, 2022, while 900 candidates participated in the competition, only 24 finalists were selected. Among them are Saudi duo Siham and Sarah Albinali, for the category “Ready-to-wear”. At the end of October, the prize will be awarded to a single winner per thematic group (five categories in total), by a jury composed of leading names in fashion.

A universe between gothic style and black humor


If the fashion brand Lurline is gaining notoriety, it is because of its very strong DNA. An identity marked by a measured gothic aesthetic, a touch of black humor, and a dose of femininity. The will of the two stylists? To give a representation of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. The two designers use a bold style and timeless pieces, obtained from refined fabrics, innovative know-how, and a sustainable approach.

Lurline, an anti-fast-fashion brand


At the heart of their creations is a pronounced ecological commitment. Siham and Sarah Albinali are committed to a more environmentally conscious, sustainable fashion, advocating anti-fast-fashion. They strive to use recycled polyester fabrics, as well as surplus from previous collections to limit waste. As for accessories, Siham and Sarah favor faux leather, faux fur and certified leathers. “We make conscious efforts to use synthetic and less toxic and environmentally friendly fabrics in our collections,” they told Arab News. In the same vein, the two women aim to reduce the brand’s logistics-related carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

With this strong vision, the two Saudi sisters and their “baby” Lurline have only bright days ahead!

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Published on 25 July 2022


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