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First ever nonprofit city is about to emerge in Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmane has announced the creation of a non-profit city a few steps away from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. A further innovation towards the prince's commitment to youth, development and technological innovations.

It’s an innovative and above all unprecedented project: Saudi Arabia is about to build a city entirely focused on non-profit. “This will be the first non-profit city of its kind, which will help achieve the Misk Foundation’s goals of supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and the qualification of future leaders. In addition, the project will provide services that help create an attractive environment for all beneficiaries of the city’s offerings,” said Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmane.

The new city will house academies, universities, as well as a conference center, a science museum, and a creative center offering space to support next-generation scientific and technological innovations such as AI and robotics.


A modern city that meets today’s challenges


Located near the capital Riyadh, the “Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City” will be 3.4 square kilometers in size, and will be designed around a pedestrian lifestyle, where digital will be used for humans only, and not for economic profits. More than 44% of the city will be dedicated to green spaces, parks and gardens, in order to promote sustainable development and the Crown Prince’s commitment to the climate. 

In addition, this city is intended to be an incubator of non profit for young volunteers involved in this field, and local and international institutions.