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Forever is now: an exhibition at the foot of the Gizeh Pyramids

This year, the Art of Egypt Foundation honors Egyptian art and its worldwide influence, through the promotion of various national and international artists. Its fourth exhibition, entitled Forever Is Now, runs until November 7 in an idyllic setting: at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza, where a dozen artists are invited to present their works. 

An exhibition in front of the pyramids… a historical first!


Although the history of Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations of which we still have traces, this event is “a first” in… 4,500 years! Indeed, it is very unlikely that an exhibition of contemporary and ancient art was organized on the Giza plateau at the time of the Pharaohs, and this is what the Art of Egypt Foundation has achieved.



Supported by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism and Antiquities, as well as by dozens of experts and Egyptologists who will be present at the exhibition, the Foundation is known for carrying out concrete actions to promote and preserve Egyptian culture and heritage. For several years now, it has benefited from UNESCO’s patronage for its work.


Local and international artists will be present


On the program, artists known for their sculptures and optical illusions: the Saudi prince Sultan bin Fahd, who likes to reinterpret traditional Saudi art with contemporary techniques, but also and above all the French artist JR, whose photographic works representing optical illusions have invaded the esplanade of the pyramids of Giza – the only site of the 7 wonders of the ancient world that remains.

The artist was also accompanied by his sidekick, the singer Pharrell Williams, who recently published stories and pictures of his stay in Egypt on his Instagram account.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Son of a Pharoah (@pharrell)


Fun fact: Forever Now had to face an unusual event, since a robot with human appearance and artificial intelligence was “arrested” at the customs of the Cairo airport for ten days, suspected of being a spy robot. The cause: his eyes, composed of cameras that allow him to capture images and then draw and paint them. A misadventure that ended thanks to the intervention of the British ambassador to the Egyptian authorities, and the creator of the robot, Aidan Meller, who had to justify and prove that his robot was not a spy, but a mere work of art connected.



And you have until November 7 to participate in this extraordinary event, in a breath-taking setting.