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From the Sahara to Europe: sand covers the sky

Since the beginning of the week, the wind has been blowing a wave of dust across the European landscape in an ochre colour. This dust comes straight from the Sahara and is none other than... sand!

You couldn’t miss this amazing phenomenon! With orange skies, cars covered in fine dust and sandy mountains, the sirocco, or “calima” in Spanish, has reinvented the scenery we are used to seeing.


Landscapes under an ochre filter

Indeed, a cloud of desert sand crossed the Mediterranean, revealing some of the most stunning images: ski resorts transformed into sand dunes giving an orange colour to the snow, or storms engulfing Spain under a curtain of mist


This meteorological episode, quite common, will be remembered for its unusual duration. However, it is expected to fade by the end of the week in France, before reaching the United Kingdom.