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Future Investment Initiative Summit: making a sustainable impact on humanity

A few days before the opening of the global economic summit organized by the Future Investment Initiative Institute, the organizers reiterated their commitment to a more sustainable post-Covid19 world, one that puts people at its heart.

“Our society is at the door of a new Renaissance”. These were the words of Richard Attias, President of the Future Investment Initiative Institute, to an audience of journalists from around the world. Underlining the return to life in cities around the world, the French businessman was nevertheless very clear: “The world has changed for good. In this new paradigm, we want, as Saudi Arabia does with its Vision 2030 plan, to empower men and women to face the challenges of tomorrow. Many sectors have come back to life such as catering or aviation, but this renaissance must be sustainable.”

In addition to the expected announcements – programs, issues, visitors, read below – this conference was also an opportunity to present to the world the new emanation of this congress that is commonly called the Davos of the desert. This is an important detail since it is a sort of guarantee of independence as the organization now claims to be an international non-profit organization (an office is being opened in the US, another is planned in Asia), as Rakan Tarabzoni reminded the crowd. Gone, then, is the tutelage of the PIF, the Saudi public investment fund: the Institute, like the entire Kingdom, is opening up to the international scene. In this sense, satellite events will take place throughout the year, all over the world.


From left to right, moderator Rima al Madeiras ; FII Institute CEO Richard Attias ; FII Institute COO Rakan Tarabzoni ; ACT Director Anthony Berkley.

An ambitious partnership strategy

“To build our credibility, we need partners,” continued President Richard Attias this afternoon. These words are backed up by actions, as the institute has just announced the creation of partnerships with 16 of the world’s most powerful and promising companies in all sectors. Siemens, Aramco, Zoom, NEOM, and many others are now publicly claiming their willingness to be part of the following global reflection: what is the way forward in terms of investments to build a sustainable future for all, without inequalities, and to give everyone decent access to health, education, and progress?

Human at the center of the program

The theme of this 5th edition of the summit, which expects more than 200 speakers from heads of state to business leaders from all over the world, and 5000 visitors, is: investing in humanity. Thus, the thousands of people who will attend the debates, but also the whole world since the entire forum will be broadcast live on YouTube, will be able to question investments in key areas of “sustainable human development” such as health, natural resources, artificial intelligence, education or robotics, and understand more about investment choices and their impact.


After a brief presentation, the journalists were invited to ask their questions to the speakers.

An inclusive program

To illustrate the desire of the event’s organizers to build a sustainable future for all, the leaders present at the event announced that no region of the world would be left behind, and that special attention would be given to regions in difficulty, such as Africa, which has suffered greatly from Covid-19, whether for lack of access to digital technology, or, more pragmatically, for lack of access to vaccines. Another key point highlighted during the conference was the importance of giving a voice to youth, the actors of tomorrow’s world, and of paying attention to their expectations. Thus, the last day of the Forum will be entirely devoted to speakers under 30 years old. A first ever…

See you in a few days to follow our live coverage of the event!

Published on 21 October 2021

#Saudi Arabia