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Google Street View crosses the desert on camelback

The world's best-known American IT services company is not shying away from any challenge. That's why, faced with the harshness of the desert, and the difficulties of moving around in it, it resorted to a logical solution: calling on a secular inhabitant of this environment: the camel.   

Modeling the entire planet to enable Internet users to explore it virtually is the mission that Google has set itself with its now famous Street View tool. But here’s the thing: it is sometimes complicated to access certain parts of the globe because traffic is not easy there. Except when you use the appropriate means… 


After cars, boats, bikes, or even walking, Google’s famous nine-eye camera (at least that’s what it takes to capture the 360-degree image) is now crossing the Liwa desert in the United Arab Emirates on the back of Rafia, a 10-year-old Emirati camel.