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IA News Anchor Tested in Kuwait

In Kuwait, trials are underway for the launch of a virtual news anchor, thanks to artificial intelligence

Kuwait’s new lady is called Fedha and is making her debut on the Kuwait News Twitter account. Kuwait News‘ deputy editor-in-chief told the news agency that this initiative tests the potential of AI to deliver “new and innovative content” and that the virtual solution could be used systematically.

The blond hair and light eyes appeal to a Kuwaiti population that is now made up of immigrants. To be sure, the video sparked a wave of reactions on social media, including from journalists: some called it an innovation, others worried about the ethics of using artificial intelligence in newsrooms.

Kuwait, not the first of its kind

However, Kuwait is not the first country to unveil an artificial intelligence-generated TV anchor. In 2018, China’s state-run news agency featured its own virtual half-bust.

A report released by Goldman Sachs last month claims that artificial intelligence could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs worldwide. The report suggests that despite this trend, technology can also mean new jobs and increased productivity.