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In Dubai, the first Legoland hotel in the Middle East

Created especially to make children dream, this Legoland hotel also delights parents and provides a unique experience for families and tourists in the Middle East.

The first Legoland Hotel in the Middle East has opened its doors in Dubai. The hotel features over 2,000 Lego models and was built with over 4.5 million bricks. Its architecture was entirely designed for children, from the size of the furniture to the colorful decoration.

Spectacular and entertaining

Just a stone’s throw from the Legoland water park, the hotel also offers its own activities, including treasure hunts and creative construction workshops for kids. A fire-breathing LEGO dragon greets families first, before redirecting them to the rooms or to one of the many LEGO attractions.



An immersive journey for all ages

The hotel has 250 rooms on four distinct levels, each with a theme of Pirate, Adventure, Ninjago or Kingdom. Each of the rooms has a “no adults allowed” area, specially designed for children who have a TV to watch their favorite Lego movies.

”We prioritise children as our VIP guests and that alone is a unique experience,”

Ramesh Ganeson, general manager of Legoland Dubai Resort.



Meanwhile, parents can watch the master modelers build, or even head to the outdoor pool. There is no shortage of details at this resort, which even has buoys made of LEGO.

Never a dull moment!

Published on 9 February 2022


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