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In Dubai, you could have your feet in the snow in the middle of summer!

Dubai is the city of excess! In periods of high temperatures, there is no question of its inhabitants going to the beach or spending the day in the water. No, some people preferred to organise a race under the snow on Friday 17 September, when the outside temperature rose to over 40°C.

This unusual event took place in the “Mall of the Emirates”, which built a ski resort in 2005, called Ski Dubai, as large as three football pitches and rising to 84 metres. More than 4,000 people took part in the event, which took place in temperatures of over 40 degrees outside

For this second edition, men and women of 46 different nationalities set off on a five-kilometre run in the snow of this artificial resort where the maximum temperature was -4°. 

The aim was to “encourage people to do more sporting activities away from the scorching heat” according to the Dubai Sports Council.