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In Egypt, snakes used to make massages

In a spa in Cairo, Egypt, massages are performed by specialists who are unusual to say the least: snakes. Placed directly on the client’s body, the reptiles would have a “rejuvenating” and “relaxing” effect.

Ophiophobes just have to behave themselves. After massages with inflamed towels, here is another technique, just as confusing. In a video posted by CNN, we can see clients coming to enjoy a massage that is unusual, to say the least, since it is performed by … snakes. The reptiles are placed on the bodies of people seeking relaxation, which attests to their relaxing and rejuvenating virtues, even for the most frightened of them. Those who, in order to overcome their reluctance, were offered the first sessions free of charge.

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Since then, it has become clear that the virality potential of these amazing massages has not been usurped. The video has traveled around the world and social networks, which is not very surprising, considering its content. Let the most skeptical and the most frightened reassure themselves, none of the reptiles converted into massagers is venomous! It remains to be seen if such practices could be democratized in the West…

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Published on 5 January 2021