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In Nefta, a solidarity association committed to ecology and tradition

500 km south of Tunis, in Nefta, the Shanti association promotes a concept that combines women emancipation, ecology and traditional know-how. A solidarity initiative that has a real impact on society!

Shanti hires Tunisian women whose job is to make carpets from 100% recycled materials, in three main steps. The first step is to go to thrift stores in order to find clothes: hats, socks or used jeans. The second mission is the fraying of the textile, necessary for the smooth aspect of the tapestries. Finally, the third and last one is the traditional weaving of the carpets, also leaving room for free creativity!

Supporting the role of women in Tunisian crafts

The Shanti association not only makes possible a free and ecological supply of multicolored balls of used textiles and industrial unsold goods, but it also allows the craftswomen to let their talent speak for itself while supporting themselves with a regular monthly salary. Today, the 12 employees of the association receive an order for a maximum of four carpets per month, in order to avoid an overload of work that would harm their daily balance. Moreover, this job is perceived as a valorization of the role of women in Tunisian society, especially since the employees follow training courses with designers, opening the door to other professional opportunities.


The initiative developed by Shanti symbolizes a strong empowerment of women in Tunisia. Since 2014, the tapestries designed by the artisans are becoming increasingly popular and are finding their way into the living rooms of decorating enthusiasts in the country and abroad!