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In pictures : in Port Fouad, a sledging track like no other

In the city-canal of Port Fouad, in the North East of Egypt, salt crystals from the evaporation of seawater are collected, treated and purified for domestic use. And the places where the precious condiments are stored are traditionally used by the local population to… have fun sliding down the salt hills. Discover it in pictures…

Sledding in Egypt by the sea is actually quite possible. The inhabitants of Port Fouad, a city located at the mouth of the Suez Canal, will not deny it…

The enthusiastic joy of this Egyptian woman (in the foreground), and her young compatriot sliding down the slope without a sled, give this shot a very “winter sports” impression.

Alone at the top, as above, or in the midst of heckling, as below, the snow-like whiteness of the landscape makes all visitors want to capture the moment in a selfie.

The small enclave, established on an island in 1926, as an extension of Port Said, receives many visitors, who come to indulge in the joys of sliding, or simply spend a friendly moment in the shade of the mountains of sand …

Credits : Reuters

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Published on 15 March 2021


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