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In Saudi Arabia Public School Now Allows Women to Teach Young Boys

Source : Ministry of Education.

After four months of summer holidays, about 6 million students in the kingdom's 13 administrative regions are back in school. It was an opportunity for them to witness a major change for Saudi Arabia: women can now teach young boys in the public.

As 2019 academic year begins, Saudi women teachers will be able, for the first time, to tteach classes for young boys in the kingdom’s 1,460 public schools. This reform currently concerns only 13.5% of young boys, but it is another victory for Saudi women and will also save nearly 2 billion riyals on the education budget.*

“Early childhood is the most important step in building a child’s personality. A teacher is more affordable and less intimidating for young boys at this stage”
Suaad Al-Mansour, directrice général adjointe de l'éducation à Djeddah

A better quality of education for young Saudis

This major step forward is part of a broader project to reform Saudi national education. In parallel with this initiative, the Ministry of Education has created 3,313 kindergarten classes to accommodate 83,000 children and also hopes to increase the enrolment rate of children in public nursery schools by 21% this year.

 “With this project, the Ministry of Education aims to improve the efficiency of the education system and ensure that every child has access to quality education throughout the kingdom”
Suaad Al-Mansour, Deputy director general of education in Jeddah

While Saudi public schools appear to be moving towards modernization, many private schools across the kingdom already allowed women to teach in mixed classes.