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In the Middle East, many countries are closing their borders because of the covid

While the whole world is struggling with second or third waves of contamination and strengthening health control measures, the Middle East is no exception to the rule. Like Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and Kuwait have decided to close their borders for a limited time.

Two days ago, Saudi Arabia announced the total interruption of its international flights for a week. It is also impossible to enter the kingdom by sea or by road, and the duration could very likely be extended for another week or more depending on how the situation develops.

In addition, the country imposes a strict two-week quarantine period on anyone returning to the country after December 8 following a stay in Europe or in a country at risk. An extensive PCR testing campaign is also in place for anyone who has travelled to one of these countries in recent months.

The prudent Gulf

And Saudi Arabia is not alone in its case. Neighbors Oman and Kuwait also decided on Monday to close their borders to the movement of people for several days, following the discovery of a new variant of the new coronavirus.

However, in all these countries, the transport of cargo and goods is not suspended, at least for shipments from countries where the mutated version of the virus has not been reported.