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Kelly Clarkson sings to the whole world in Arabic

American Grammy award winning singer Kelly Clarkson wasted no time in self isolation, coming back strong with a five versions of her brand new single “I Dare You.” Each rendition is sung in a different language, with the message of harmony and interconnection remains constant, including in the rendition where she sings entirely in Arabic, surprising fans around the world.

The Arabic version, titled “Kantahadak” features 19-year-old Moroccan-Canadian singer Faouzia, who delivers her powerful vocals in the Moroccan Darija dialect alongside Clarkson’s impressive literary Arabic. Emerging talent Faouzia embraces her Arabic roots with a pop twist, with a fluent grip on Arabic, French and English, helping her recently take the music industry by storm. The intermixing of two, often-opposing cultures, flows surprisingly naturally and harmoniously within this track.


Clarkson’s pandemic-inspired message?  “Dare to love instead of fear, instead of hate, instead of wonder[ing] about something and actually just engage with people—engage with yourself—again, and remember that we’re all a human race, even though we’re from all different parts of the world and we have different religions, politics, whatever, at the end of the day we’re all the same human race.”

The music video, although very simple, compliments the song’s multicultural, uniting and homegrown essence with photos of loving families in their home, from all corners of the world displayed through a pink-tinted lens.

Coming closer in times of separation

The other four renditions of “I Dare You” are duets as well, each featuring a singer hailing from the country represented in the lyrics. Jazzy singer-songwriter Zaz was called in for the French version, Maya Buskila singing in Hebrew, Blas Cantó harmonizing in Spanish and finally electro pop duo Glasperlenspiel taking the mic for the German performance.


“This is my both my favorite and hardest project that I’ve ever worked on,” Clarkson announced to her loyal fanbase.”It has always been a dream of mine, as I grew up singing in different languages, to find that perfect song, with the perfect message, to connect us all globally and then record that song with several other artists around the world in their native languages.”