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The Arab world in the spotlight in Hazzaa Al Mansoori’s first photos

The Emirati astronaut whose mission we were presenting to you just recently arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) and has since been spraying social networks with clichés reflecting his joy at representing the Arab world in orbit around the earth. Here are some of them…

This is the first photo shared by Al Mansoori from space. This simple fact already makes it emblematic, since the astronaut is the first Emirate to be sent into orbit. The photo shows the Soyuz shuttle on which he made his trip. 


The astronaut then shared this snapshot of the earth from the ISS, accompanied by the following riddle: “Can you guess the place” Being apparent the aridity of the region shown in the photo, his community overwhelmingly guessed that Al Mansouri had put forward his country of origin: the United Arab Emirates. 


Hazza is determined to represent her region! In this third shot, he proudly displays a traditional Emirati outfit among all his new colleagues. And the whole crew to show their best smile!


The caption of this one, as well as the astonishing views, speak for themselves: “This is history, this is the UAE from space”.

Finally, the astronaut displays this photo of Mecca, the most sacred holy city for all Muslims, seen from the ISS. A way for him to address a community much wider than the ordinary citizens of his country, but to all of Islam. 

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Published on 2 October 2019

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